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olfactory experiences

live the olfactory experiences proposed by ajnalogie and discover the power of odors. unique, ultra-sensory moments accompanied by sincere and authentic sharing.

émotions & parfums

experience "emotions & fragrances"

during the experience emotions & fragrances you are invited to discover blindly the powerful connection of smells with emotions and memory. this playful moment of sharing invites an unprecedented introspection.

the olfactory meditation

the healing and vibratory power of olfactory synergies favours the entry into meditation and deepens the intentions in body and mind. olfactory meditation makes it possible to meet oneself and reconnect with deep feelings.

natural raw materials have an energetic power that communicates with our unconscious.

yoga en champagne

organize an olfactory experience with us


for a special evening, a wellness event, do not hesitate to contact us. agathe, the founder will be delighted to organize a personalized olfactory experience for you, your friends or your clients.

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