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ajnalogie, a movement ...

ajnalogie is a movement that invites you to explore well-being through perfume.

by perfuming yourself with ajnalogie, you choose to put your needs back at the center of your priorities.

le parfum pour se sentir bien ajnalogie.

a connection to your breath

at your own pace, you will move towards a sense of greater connection with your nose, your breathing and your emotions.

smells influence our emotions

the sense of smell is connected to the limbic brain, a part of our brain that does not think but that feels, the brain of emotions and memory. because they follow the same neurological path as emotions, perfumes short-circuit the mind. notice how difficult it is to put a word on an odor.

prendre soin de ses besoins.png

formulate virtuous fragrances

based on this observation, ajnalogie brought together the perfumer eleonore de staël, the historian of perfume annick le guerer, the chemist françine joly and the assessor sabine le camus to study the influence of odors on emotions and formulate fragrances that meet our emotional needs of everyday life.

éléonore de staël, inspired perfumer

éléonore is a bold woman. major of her promotion of gip (grasse institute of perfume), she does not formulate her perfumes like others.

concerned with energy and the well-being of both humans and the environment, she specializes in 100% natural perfumery, excluding the need for chemical dyes and stabilizers. eleonore pays close attention and precise monitoring to the origin and agricultural conditions of the raw materials she uses.

she creates unique fragrances, in which we find her sincerity and uniqueness.


in collaboration with the founder,

together, they brought aromachology and the art of perfumery to create sublime virtuous perfumes.

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