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ajna sanskrit name designating the chakra of the 3rd eye, chakra of senses and intuition

logy suffix of science

ajnalogie, the science of intuition

agathe - fondatrice.jpg

agathe jacquinet

the happy founder

"poetry and the complementarity of opposites fascinate me...


olfaction has always been a part of my life. amateur and producer of wines and champagnes, my family vinifies years after years and I first learned to smell wine. after studying marketing at isipca (international higher institute of perfumery, cosmetics and food aromatics), i developed for two years herbal hair care in a large group and discovered the virtues of plants.


at this time, even though i had been passionate about perfumes since my childhood, i stoped perfuming myself, i had lost meaning in the perfumery world. in parallel to my professional life, i’ve attached a major importance to personal development. i recently created a women’s circle and organise wellness retreats.

i make it a point of honour to put the needs of all at the center of my creations. for a year, i gathered experts to study the primary power of odours and the neurochemical functioning of respiration. i decided to associate the effectiveness of plants with the beauty of perfumery, to offer transparency and olfactory education to all those who, like me, have lacked it. with the challenge of combining efficiency and olfactory delight, i intend to shake up the world of perfumery.”

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