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since the beginning, at ajnalogie we have made strong commitments. because we have a sincere respect for the living, it was important for us to be deeply eco-responsible and human. discover the commitments we have already made.

our engagements

ajnalogie - fabrication parfumerie natur

100% natural formulas

rare waters on the perfumery market, ajnalogie perfumes are 100% natural and meet the strict IFRA iso 9235 standard regulating the natural appellation in perfumery. they are composed solely of absolutes, essential oils, hydrolates, isolates, water and organic wheat alcohol, and contain no animal raw materials.

smart packaging

optimized, our fragrances are rechargeable and this is one of the major gestures we have made to avoid overproduction.

all our essential compounds are manufactured in france, spain and italy to promote short circuits and to reduce our carbon impact. we always prefer recycled materials, such as our craft cardboard, and recyclable, such as our glass bottle and its paper label.

packaging intelligents.png

french craftsmen and industrialists

the perfume concentrates are composed by an independent perfumer in paris, manufactured by a laboratory in grasse, and then packaged a few kilometers away in a family factory. all cases and labels are manufactured and printed in french factories.


transparent speech

to promote exchange and transmission, we wanted to offer you the greatest transparency on our perfumes. not required by the regulations, always secretly hidden, we reveal the formula of each perfume. complete ingredient lists are listed on all fragrance cases as well as on product pages. in addition, we explain our creation process by informing you about the virtues of the selected raw materials.

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